Aiming to realize an ideal environment for product making,
we support the innovation with new values
by our cutting-edge technologies for the sake of customers


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Araki enhances its efforts to provide solutions in various areas of manufacturing industries; especially in human-robot collaboration processes of automobile production lines, where ever-increasingly sophisticated mechanization has been taking place. We present a total system that enables to create a speedy and flexible flow of workpieces with our advanced automatic conveyance systems and power saving devises so that the highly technical assembly line will function even more efficiently with accelerated innovation.
Our expertise on “making a stable flow of workpieces” combined with the advanced robotic technology to “assist human” which will result in generating even greater harmony in the working environment of the production site.
Our solution going much further, we continue to support ever expanding innovation of the product making environment the worlds over, with our cutting-edge technologies in harmony with human-robot collaboration. Araki exerts and unfolds ourselves to develop and achieve our full potential.

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